13 May 2014



Hunting for bluebells in Nettlebed Woods.  And did we find any?

Yes we did!

But Tess doesn't like being in the "scary" woods and so didn't much care for bluebells

07 May 2014

My beautiful children.  What more can I say?

He's getting good at feeding himself.  Makes my job at mealtime easier!

Tunnel shouting (and listening for an echo!)

26 April 2014

West Wycombe

Exploring the ever so sweet little village of West Wycombe and its nearby hillside.
This was about a month ago when spring was just starting to make an appearance.

This amazing manor house is West Wycombe Park.  We tried to visit, but it was still closed for the season.

22 April 2014

Yellow England

One of my favorite things about England are the yellow fields of rapeseed that appear every Spring.  The lovely yellow flowers cover the countryside - it's so magical!  Rapeseed crop is used to make vegetable oil.  Unfortunately many people suffer from allergies when the Rapeseed starts blooming (but not me).

I've been playing with some new stuff in Photoshop that mutes the colors of my photos a bit.  I'm still deciding if I like it. 

21 April 2014

Easter 2014

The night before Easter I was explaining to Tess that she needed to leave her basket out so the Easter bunny could come to our house while she was sleeping, and that he would leave eggs, sweets, and little toys in her basket.  She was confused and said "But the Easter Bunny is just pretend!"  She couldn't understand how a little bunny could carry all those things and deliver them to her house.  There's no fooling this girl sometimes!

A few photos from the egg hunt we had in our back garden on Easter morning in our jammies

This guy had no idea what was going on.  He was just happy to be outside!