22 April 2014

Yellow England

One of my favorite things about England are the yellow fields of rapeseed that appear every Spring.  The lovely yellow flowers cover the countryside - it's so magical!  Rapeseed crop is used to make vegetable oil.  Unfortunately many people suffer from allergies when the Rapeseed starts blooming (but not me).

I've been playing with some new stuff in Photoshop that mutes the colors of my photos a bit.  I'm still deciding if I like it. 

21 April 2014

Easter 2014

The night before Easter I was explaining to Tess that she needed to leave her basket out so the Easter bunny could come to our house while she was sleeping, and that he would leave eggs, sweets, and little toys in her basket.  She was confused and said "But the Easter Bunny is just pretend!"  She couldn't understand how a little bunny could carry all those things and deliver them to her house.  There's no fooling this girl sometimes!

A few photos from the egg hunt we had in our back garden on Easter morning in our jammies

This guy had no idea what was going on.  He was just happy to be outside!

12 April 2014

Happiness with Toys

You sweet boy, my heart wants to burst when I see you so happy and hear you laughing.

And I'm thinking this toy was the best money ever spent.  It's your favorite and you spend hours playing with your ball popper.  

03 April 2014


Me with my littles on Mothering Sunday.  I love being the mommy in my family.

29 March 2014

Photo Scouting

 A few photos from earlier this week with my little family. They were good sports to come along with me while I scouted out a location for an upcoming photo shoot. 

24 March 2014


This boy could spend hours climbing and crawling on the big toys at the park.